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How much would YOU change?

I know, I know, it's not Sunday. I know I've either late or very early, but come on, give me a break, I'm on break! (See what I did there? 😂 )

So, as you may or may not know I currently write a YA Fantasy, and while being in the process of doing so, I got to thinking (funny, right?? Shouldn't you like ... always think when writing? No, you shouldn't, but that's not the point of this story. LOL) and I wondered, because there is this girl Gwen and Killios (our mains) will meet on their journey to discover happiness and contentment within themselves and the world they live in. Either way, this character, a girl called Maina (for a lack of knowledge about prounounciation writing, let's say she's pronounced My-nia), has incredible powers. She is a small chubby girl, timid in her ways, and Gwen instantly likes her. As it is, Maina becomes loyal to their cause (that I can't disclose just yet, of course) and Gwen watches her change. Not just the typical transformation that you might expect. Of course she is brave and strong, fighting whatever obstacles come in their way, but what I really mean ins Gwen notices that she over all changes. And that actually got me thinking.

What if we changed according to the people around us? I mean physically change. Would you turn beautiful, because you believe your friends, who tell you that you're an amazing person inside out?

Would you get all shiny, because you take to heart what they tell yo​​u? Or would you rather turn ugly, and unhappy, because you trust in what your critiques tell you?

I personally can say that I have no idea. Not only is the thought terrifying; not because I wouldn't want to change, but it scares me to see what words I'd take to heart. In the last time I've had some friends who were eaten up by self-doubt and you know why? Because no matter how many people (readers in this case) told those other people (in this case authors) that their latest book rocks, they still believe that one person who says otherwise. I pledge guilty in this case, too. Often we let the one negative outweight all of our positive experiences.

In Gwen's case Maina has a true revelation at the end, but again, I cannot spoil you yet. I guess all I wanted to say is this:

Yes, our friends shape us, really shape us, but so does everyone else. It's what we accept as given truth though that makes us who we are, so why not focus on the positive? Why not smile a little brighter? Why not laugh a little louder, feel a little prettier? Because imagine what transformation would go through the world if everyone believed their friends instead of their haters! We'd all be queens. Granted, we might still have weak moments, but in those week moments we should turn to our friends, because they make us strong!!

So, I guess all I have left to say is:

Be a queen today!


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