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AJ's Salvation


"Oh my!! What a fabulous book. This is the first book I've read by Sam Destiny, but it will definitely not be the last. ..." - Penny L, Amazon Review

"Wow! What an emotional roller coaster! Sam Destiny made me feel as though I was the story, every bit of hurt, pain, happiness, sadness, excitement, hesitancy, you name it, I felt while reading AJ's Salvation. ..." - MLupher, Amazon Review

"If there was an option to give this book 10+ stars I would jump at the opportunity. This book blew me away; the writing, the story, and how it latched on to our every emotion. ..." - T.B., Amazon Review

"This book was unlike any other I have ever read. You know those books you read that have the same 'ole same 'ole... Not this one! Truly a special read." - SilverStar, Amazon review

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