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The Man Flu - and how I totally have it

We all know how we say men are so whiny when they are sick. All that 'UGH, I'm dying' and that stuff... You know what? That's totally me. I'm like super whiny when being sick because no one loves me and my mommy won't come to cook for me. (She kinda lives far away and is sick, too...) 😅

So yes, I've come to realize I'm like a lot of men when it comes to that. However, I also know I'm still working and my biggest complain is that I cannot write when my head's pounding... which kept me exactly ONE day from writing. After that I pulled on my big girl panties (and put in some pain killers) and wrote... 😉 After all, my characters screaming in my head doesn't exactly make things better.

Which brings me to my next point... Characters are like children, and right now I don't like mine very much although I love them. I mean... There are too many in my head.

- An EMT.

- A guy fighting for his life in a Dystopian world.

- The owner of a Tattoo-shop.

- A police officer returning from an undercover gig with a trauma.

- An office worker finding out he has a son and wondering if his woman is going to leave him now.

And, add to that, a group of Morningstar Warriors screaming to get their turn (Kaden, Jaden, I hear you... I always hear you. 😍) Where best to start?

I don't think there's a right answer, so I do what I always do and switch between stories until I have awesome ideas again for the other stories. No idea how, but it usually works and my Dystopian (currently titled 'World Before') is coming along nicely.

Part of me thinks I should be going out and do some normal people things like walk and talk to others, but then I think... nah... nerding and authoring his fine.

Also, I'm keeping my family alive by cooking. That counts as socialising, right?

No? Too bad then. 😅 I'm still not gonna do anything else.

Well, besides feeling sorry for myself because if this cold and all the fussy children—I mean characters—running around inside my head.

Hope you all had a great weekend if it's already over, and will have a great Sunday if it's not yet over.



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