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NO COFFEE (*gasp*) and writing sprints

Like most authors I'm addicted to coffee, and although mine is with a lot of milk and probably more habit than necessity, I panic when not getting it in the morning. I mean, it's coffee. Like... you know, creamy and amazing and promising. If you have coffee, you can change the world!

Granted, that might be taking it a little far, but still, you get the picture.

However, this morning, when I was awake the first time at four thirty (thanks clock set back) there was no electricity. Okay, okay, now, that wasn't yet a reason to panic, but when I got up at half past nine, there still wasn't any power, so... My mind worried. What would I do without coffee? I mean, what could I possibly prepare to drink that would cause the same effects as coffee? NOTHING, that's the answer, because without electricity our oven doesn't work, either. No chance to heat anything up. *sniffle*

I told myself to stay calm because, you know, my inner drama queen was already flinging herself on the bed, sobbing. The day could only end badly.

Anyway, I forced myself through my routines, like bathroom to get dressed and brush my teeth, comb my hair (it's Sunday, no use for a shower if you ain't going out, right?) and then face the mess the day promised to be. I did everything extra slow and then left the bathroom, hoping praying—and they were answered! All of my prayers because there was electricity again! I could make coffee, and I did, a big pot just in case. Phew, after all the Sunday maybe won't be so bad. 🤣

The second problem with not having any electricity is when you save everything you write in dropbox, you don't have wifi to actually download the files, so I wasn't sure how to do author sports with my friends. You don't know what I mean? Easy, Jo Raven is the queen of motivating people, so we sprint together, and for that you need wifi... It's just a way to be held accountable, and I feel so much more productive when I know someone else is slaving alongside me.

If you're an author, find your sprinting crew. I'm serious. And NO, that's not real sports, as in going outside (UGH, on a SUNDAY?), but instead you sit wherever you write and you get words in. Small or large, it doesn't matter because in the grand scheme of things you are getting words down. It's what we do. We word. And then we word some more.

Since my electricity is back, I can be calm because I can sprint and word and coffee all day today, an man if that doesn't calm the mind down, then I don't know what does. 😉 On that note I need to go and do that author thing.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. <3



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