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My Books - The Angels

If you're into heavenly creatures, majestic and powerful, you might find some in my trilogy, AngelBond. Raphael, Michael, and a few others might make an appearance ... as well as a witch that has to save the world. Well, someone has to do the job, right?

Raise The Fallen (AngelBond #1)


Nala’s life is simple. Walk the lands, free whatever slaves she finds, and keep her head down. No one needs to know that she keeps a dark secret. Yet when Raphael, one of the mighty archangels is captured and imprisoned, Nala has to throw caution to the wind. Determined to make all wrongs right, she risks everything … including her heart.

Sometimes though, everything is not enough.

Raphael knew he shouldn’t have come to earth to save his race. Weakened by magical ties, there’s nothing he can do … until one of the puny humans frees him. The archangel doesn't trust her, but his heart has other plans as they embark on a quest to save his people. In the end he once again needs to become what he never wanted to be.

Nala would give her last breath to protect Raphael, but what happens if it’s his life for everyone else's?

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