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Why am I part of antholgies? Well, this one is actually easy, because those collections give people the chance to discover new-to-them authors AND meet their favorites again ... all in one book. So far I've been lucky to work with a great collection of authors I admire and love in my professional life, and women who I count on in my personal life. Besides that, a lot on anthologies are for getting our names out there, not to make money, so the two I've been part of so far raise money for the Joyful Heart Foundation. We are proud to support their cause WHILE doing something we love. So, thank you for purchasing one of those books and helping to make the world a better place.

Tales Of The Night

ebook only

A collection of scary, sweet, and fun stories surrounded by mystery and the air of Halloween.

With contributions by:

Dawn Brazil

Sam Destiny

B.A. Dillon

Jessica Florence

Franny Marie

Terra Kelly

Jesse Lorenzo (aka Lady J)

RJ Loom

Lisa Messier

Shelby Reeves

MA Scott    &

Jamie Summer

When Summer Came Calling

ISBN: 978-1534726505

One Last Summer by Lottie Cannon 
It was only one summer, but one she’d never forget. 

Life After Marriage by Sam Destiny 
You don't stop being a woman just because you aren't a wife any longer. 

Life and Death by C.J. Hart 
Summer bites. Vampires bite harder. 

The Secret to Balance by Michelle Irwin 
A chance find might just change him forever. 

A Love Forever Unheard by Lady J 
Here's to that one summer that changed everything. 

Camp Nightmare by Franny Marie 
Summer is the perfect season for serial killers. 

The Lies We Tell by Shelby Reeves 
When faced with a choice, which path should you take? 

Forgotten Piece of Memory by Jamie Summer 
It was a night to remember - but what do you do if the memories are gone?

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