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ALL THE WORDS & Comfort zones

It's been a while and though I try hard to actually be good an post regularly, I guess I'm going to start counting 'once a month' as regular and therefore successful. 😉

So, what have I been up to in the last days/ weeks/ months? I've started off the month on a holiday, taking a much needed break from work and life. I literally spent it eating, writing, and watching all six seasons of Game of Thrones (holy hell, who would've thought this show was so addicting??? I never knew! Anyway, it was a super productive week writing wise since I managed to almost get my 50k for CampNaNo in during that time. I won't lie, had I not watched that show, I might have managed many more words, but hey, we all need to indulge sometimes, right? 😂

Besides that, I actually had a release along with some amazing authors. When Summer Came Calling (check out the short descriptions here) is an anthology that I couldn't be prouder of. It's hard finding people that you love working with, and those ladies all are incredible. And they are talented like hell. You should definitely check all of them out.

Since my books for this year are written (oh, what luxury!) I'm playing around with a couple of new ideas. Many of you probably know how that is, you deal with one thing, have a tea party with a certain set of characters and suddenly there is a knock on the door and a new group walks in. Needless to say, it's pretty crowded in my mind, but I absolutely love it. I'm having fun dabbling in stories that aren't my typical direction. And that's all it is for now, me trying new things, new ideas, and seeing where they lead. I won't lie, some of it is terrifying since I have no clue if I can do it, but I won't know unless I try, so ... there's that. You know how they say life starts outside of your comfort zone? Maybe in my case that's where it'll end. 😉 But I don't wanna hint and tease too much.

Next to that I'm writing maybe two or three military romances ... again. You need to blame Marisa-Rose Shor from Cover Me Darling and Cassy Roop from Pink Ink Designs. They are too epic with covers.

Well now, that's that for today. I need to get back to my lunch date with a couple of fictional people. 😄

Love, Sam

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