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All the things I wanna do...

Oh guys, seriously, clean up your thoughts! *shakes head with a smile* What I'm talking about is all the stories I wanna write, and all of the stories I know you people are waiting for.

Here's the thing, sometimes writer's have that ugly thing called (careful...) WRITER'S BLOCK! Ugh, yeah, I know!

For me it's not necessarily that I can't write at all then, it's more that I can't write a certain story. Sadly. And in this case it's book four of my Morningstars. It's not because my friends stopped talking to me really ... at least not until I told them that maybe what they want they can't have. What does that mean? I already had that with book two, to be honest. For weeks in a row I'd sit down to write, try a million approached because I worried people wouldn't like the way the main couple worked out. I literally tried to push Kaden in any direction other than the one he wanted to go and let me tell you something ... it's not possible pushing him anywhere at all. So in the end I gave in and wrote what they wanted right from the beginning. It took a month and a few more days to actually finish the full first draft. So yeah, that's kinda exactly what's happening now. My main is telling me exactly where he wants to go, but I'm just sitting here, saying: "Dude, people wait for your book, and they kinda want this and that, you know?" But he just sits here, shaking his head. That was the point he stopped talking to me. I have four different starts so far and ... well, yeah. This book WILL happen this year (*glares at the handsome guy over there*) but in between we have book three coming! YAY! And Call Me Michigan is on the list. And while all that happens, I'm writing something different.

You know that thing were people say you need to step out of your comfort zone? That's what I'm doing with my next project! *insert scream emoticon here* It's going to be a YA Fantasy Trilogy (if the characters play along!) called Elysee's Redemption, and we even have the titles already... :-o You wanna know? Do you? Like ... do you? Okay, because I love you! :D

We'll have Killios' Sorrow, Killios' Damnation, and Killios' Salvation. I'm so excited to get to write those stories.

So, bear with my while my vampires and I are fighting and be prepared for much other fun to come your way!


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