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When Inspiration hits

There are a lot of people that tend to ask what inspires us authors. Well, I for one can say that inspiration comes with a lot of things, like music, pictures, conversations ... all of that. Wanna see one thing that inspired me recently? Well, this picture did. Its nothing special and we all know it, but there's

affectionate, intimate about this picture. I seriously love everything about this image because it could be Bix and Kenzie (my latest couple) after a lonh hard day, or maybe, just maybe, it's Jazz and Tessa, after Jazz returned, unwilling or unable to love her... There's no telling about what the couple on the picture did. Maybe she is begging because he's reluctant, maybe he's sad and she is trying to make him feel better. This picture is telling an entire story and I love it. There's nothing better that stories, right?

That's what I and most likely every author out there lives for. I love being able to see an entire relationship in a picture like that. One day you might find a scene like that in one of my stories soon, and maybe not ... either way, keep your eyes open. You'll never know what might inspire your inner writer! ;-)


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